C.Key Doctor

Big Ckey - DoctorAlmost all the doctors always have a busy schedule. Their time is worth more important than anything. In between their busy schedule they have to manage their appointments with the patients, patients checkup details, medical certificates, checkup reports, inform patients about their checkup. Ain’t the manual method really hectic?

C.Key Doctor is an application to solve all these problems. We respect doctors valuable time. Appointment SMS alerts to the patients, neatly printed prescription & checkup reports will make doctors work quick and efficient. Using C.Key Doctor the user will find it easy to glance over a patient’s personal data and checkup history.

Appointment list, automatically generated final reports & medical certificate will save doctor’s as well as his/her assistant’s time. More features are listed here.


page1_img1User Friendly

The application is so much user-friendly that it does not take much time for the user to understand it. The easy to use interface of C.Key Doctor will make the doctor handle many things at a time on a go. There are various needy features of C.Key Doctor which are listed here.


page1_img2Patients’ Database Management

A good doctor will know various details about a patient including patient’s name, age, sex, contact information etc. These details of the patients including his image can be added and maintained in C.Key Doctor easily, which will help the doctor when the patient visits the doctor again.


page1_img3Handling Appointments

The doctor can handle his appointments by adding the patients to a date, mentioning the time. This appointment list will toggle the color of the list of the patients when the check up is over. This will help the doctor to overview the patients who have appointment on a particular day.


page2_img4Detailed Check Up

Filling the fields by selecting the item is where the doctor can finish each check up very quickly. After finishing the check up the doctor can neatly print the prescriptions and check up reports. If the doctor wishes he can also take the print of auto generated medical certificate.



The doctor can generate bills to the patients and print it. The attractive bill format will gain good will to the doctor’s clinic. Billing is so easy that at the time of check up the doctor can print the bill in just a single click.


page2_img6Handling expenses

Every firm has to maintain their expenses, so that they can have a proper planning in future. All the expenses the firm goes through can be maintained easily in C.Key Doctor. In few easy clicks the user can make the entries of daily expenses.


page3_img7Report Generation

It’s time to kick out the traditional/ manual way of book keeping. The time saving feature of C.Key Doctor is that it will generate the reports automatically based on the transactions and checkups. The chart view will make it easy for the doctor to understand his clinic’s status.


page3_img8SMS & Mail Doctor

SMS can be sent to patients regarding their appointment. This feature will make the doctor to expect the patients’ visit in time. If the appointment is cancelled, the doctor can send cancellation SMS. The assistant of the doctor can mail a particular day’s appointment list to the doctor.


page3_img9Regular Updates and Online Service

C.Key has the motto of growing together. We appreciate users’ idea of innovation. Based on the feed backs, natural changes in the government rules, or based on the programmers next imagination- we give regular updates and keep the software up to date.